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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I love the female form and all the potential it contains. I am a fellow with a massive kink for bimbos. I do occasionally do commissions and requests but that is dependent on my availability and mood.

I work in about 8 Billion different mediums which means my profile is a shit storm. Tools I use include DAZ3D, DAZ Poser, Kisekae2, Photoshop, Illustrator. All my stuff is in the digital medium.

Wanna support my Passion for all things bimbo art? Pledge to my Patreon!


  • The Mind Fuck Trading Card Game
    • The aim of the game is to get as many mind fucked girls under your control as possible. Players each start with a deck of 30 cards consisting of Target, Spell, Item, and Energy cards. Each Target card has a set Fortitude. Reducing a targets Fortitude to Zero will make it your slave. You can reduce or raise Fortitude on target cards by using spell and item cards. Each target card has a set number of quality points ranging from 1-5. At the end if the game the player tallies up the total number of quality points they have across all Target cards under their control. The players with the most quality points wins.
  • Card types
    • Energy – Each deck has 15 energy cards. Energy cards are the source of…. energy…in the game. You may play one energy card from your hand to your energy pool per turn. Energy cards allow you to play spell, item, and target cards. All target, spell, and item cards have a set energy cost. When playing a target, spell, or item card you must expend (turned on it’s side) the requisite amount of energy as indicated by the card. All energy returns (turned with the base facing the player) at the beginning of a players turn.
    • Target – Each deck has 5 Target cards. These cards represent targets that you hope to turn into your willing slaves. Target cards have two sides, the normal side and the slave slide. Target cards cost energy to play like spell and item cards. Target cards are played normal side up in the middle of the field with all other players target cards. You may play spell and item cards on other players target cards and vice versa. Whom ever played the spell or item card that reduces the target cards fortitude to zero makes the target card their slave. You may take other players target cards as your slaves. When a target card becomes a slave, it is turned to the slave side of the card and is placed in the harem playing area. Certain target cards have special abilities that activate when they are played on the normal side or when they are turned over to slaves. You may play as many target cards during your turn as you would like if can meet the required energy cost.
    • Spell – Each deck has 10 spell cards. Spell cards cost energy to play just like item and target cards. There are two types of spell card, instant and engage. Instant cards may be played during any players turn. Engage cards can only be played during the players turn. Spell cards have Numerous effects including (but not limited to) reducing or raising a targets fortitude, making a target immune to items or spells, converting a slave target card from one players harem to another harem. You may play as many spell cards during your turn as you would like if you can meet the required energy cost.
    • Item – Each deck has 10 item cards. Item cards cost energy just like spell and target cards. Item cards are played on a specific target (normal or slave) card and remain on that card until another card is played to remove that card or the number of turns (specified on the item card) has passed. You may play as many item cards during your turn as you would like if you can meet the required energy cost.
  • Playing the game

    • Setup

      • Each player shuffles their deck

      • Each player draws seven cards

      • Players determine who goes first (Rolling a dice always works)

    • Turns
      • Players take turns starting with the first player and moving counter clockwise until the game ends.

      •  Each turn consists of four phases.

      • Draw Phase
        • At the begging of each turn the player draws one card from their deck

        • The player to go first does not draw a card on their first turn

      • Energy Phase
        • The player places one energy card from their hand (if they have any) on the table in their energy pool.

        • The player returns any expend (turned on it’s side) energy to usable (turned with the base facing the player) energy.

        • Players can choose not to play any cards at this time.

      • Play phase

        • During the play phase the player may play any item, spell, or target (both normal and slave) cards that they would like. Resolve the effects of the played cards as you play each card. Players can choose not to play any cards at all during this time. The player must expend the appropriate amount of energy for each card played.

      • Capture Phase

        • The player transforms any target cards that reached zero fortitude from normal target cards to slave target cards. The cards that turn into slaves are placed in the respective player’s harem.  

          • Note if another player used an instant spell or had an effect that converted a normal target card into a slave target card during a turn other then their own they will complete the slave conversion into their harem at this time even if it is not their turn.
      • End Game
        • The game ends when all players Target cards have been turned into slaves or all players have run out of spell an item cards.
        • If a player runs out of spell or item cards before the game ends they will skip their turn until the game ends.

        • Once the game ends the players tally up their total quality points from each target slave card. Whomever has the most quality points wins.


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